Monday, June 22, 2015

Two steps forward, one set back

I was feeling invincible. I had a good weigh in at the gym, as I anticipated because my home scale has been great all weekend. I had a good sweaty work out. And then I came home to make cookies to mail to my dad for Father's Day.

I tried not to snitch at the dough. I tried to stick to one baked cookie. I tried.

The cookies are all baked and packaged up, ready to mail out tomorrow so I won't be eating anymore. And for the last hour, I've been hoping I would throw up. It was mindless eating, even when I wasn't hungry, even when I was kind of full. One cookie after the other. All in all, I probably *only* ate four or five cookies, but after limited my carbs to under 100 grams for the past three weeks, I feel like I've either over eaten considerably or I have a carb hangover, or both.

It's disappointing that I can't control myself better. I'm going to remember this feeling and hope it sustains me the next time there is temptation. Until then, here's hoping that every time the discomfort in my belly gets better and I can sleep tonight.

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