Wednesday, June 17, 2015


When we were little, family vacations consisted of piling as many kids in the station wagon as humanly possible (safety was not a factor in the 70s), leaving at an ungodly hour from syrcause and heading to Maine for a week in a little cabin across the street from the beach. There were rafts at the beach we could rent, there were movies in the rec center in the camp grounds, and a play ground. I collected sea glass and could stare at the ocean for hours looking for mermaids.

We stopped going when I was about 6 or 7...I'm not sure why. Maybe the older kids outgrew family vacation time? 

I found out tonight that my four sisters are going in August with their husbands. And when I initially found out, it sounded like just one sister was going with her husband. She purposely didn't tell me the full plans because she felt bad that I would feel bad. I found out tonight that all four of them are going. "I didn't want you to feel left out."

I can't - and didn't - take it out on her. But yea, I did feel a little left out, because I am being left out of it. All four girls are going and I'm not included?  Would I have gone? As the only single person, probably not. But I'm being overly sensitive to the reason I was left out (if there is a reason at all). Is it because I'm so much younger than them. And therefore have nothing in common with them? Or is it the damn single issue again?

So that's all floating around my noodle. But I think the part that annoys me the most is that my one sister is flying all the way to the east coast from San Diego and is only going to see my other sisters. Not stopping even in Syracuse to see the rest of the family.

Ok whatever, maybe we didn't want to see you anyway. I better go to sleep before Bitter Betty takes up residency in my brain.

On another note...just under 1200 calories (and that included a few too many Hershey miniatures), a good run on the treadmill, 122 protein, 99 carb, 29 fat. Legs felt good today.

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