Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I was once told that I am the perfect combination of girl-girl and tomboy. I think this picture captures that perfectly.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Five Kilometers...Three Point One Miles

I signed up for the Bucks County 5K series -- seven 5K's in four months. I also signed up for the brain cancer 5K in DC that I do every year. I figured that between them, I should be able to accomplish my goal to run a complete 5K.

With five of my eight spring 5Ks in the books, let's recap.

Race intervals....time 37:04

Race 2....intervals, but running more...time 36:25

Race 3...intervals, running more but still not the whole thing...time 36:22

Race 4...the second of three consecutive weekends, planned to walk it but couldn't stop myself, running but still with some walking...time 35:18

Race 5 in DC...I knew it was a completely flat course...I challenged myself to run the whole thing and to come in under 35:00. I not only ran the whole thing, but finished in 33:31!

My next goal is a 10K.