Tuesday, June 16, 2015


That was the lesson at the gym tonight. Courtney is back, after several weeks dealing with a very sad family medical issue. And she was back with a vengeance.

She made me plank with my hands on a medicine ball. I didn't think I could. I could.

We upped my weights....18-pound kept bell swings with squats, 80 pounds on the leg press, and when I said I couldnt squat because of my knees, she gave a me a look.

"When was the last time you tried?"

I had no answer. "You are stronger than you think, just try."

And I lunged. Didn't lose my balance, didn't go super low, but still felt my leg muscles.

1231 calories
154 protein
103 carbs
24 fat

Carbs would have been lower but I was starving after the gym and had a half of a protein bar. I think I'll be ok :)

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