Saturday, July 26, 2014

Working it all out

So the first half of the year has had its ups and downs. 

I ended my relationship in May. As  look back on the relationship with Lee -- about two months
post-break up, I realize that there was a lot that wasn't working and that I was really unhappy the last few months. I was having a hard time distinguishing, and was probably rationalizing that not relationship is perfect and I have to make compromises vs. my basic emotional needs were just not being met. He's a good man, who never intentionally set out to hurt me in any way, but he was emotionally lazy and sometimes physically lazy.

And what I didn't realize was that I was eating to fill the emotional void. So it's almost August, I'm about 15-20 pounds up and finally, I think, ready to make some changes.

I like things neat and organized, and so as we come up on the start of a new month, August is going to be the month of me. Bikram yoga. Clean eating. Using my new treadmill.