Friday, August 6, 2010

It's all making sense

I had dinner the other night with my new friend Chris (the one I met at the picnic). She brought her daughter home from Africa earlier this year. We had a great time, and she was a tremendous resource. I tried to temper the amount of questions I was throwing at her.

At one point, she saw the St. Gerard medal I have on my necklace and asked if I knew who the patron saint of adoption is. I didn't. I have St. Gerard since he is the patron saint of motherhood an fertility. And out of habit, I haven't taken him off my necklace yet.

This morning, I looked it up. The patron saint of adoption is St. Thomas More (also Saint William of Rochester). But it was the Thomas More part that gave me pause, and made me see the bigger picture at work. Or at least some random coincidences that may not be quite so random.

After the IVF cycle (in which I would ultimately become pregnant) I attended midnight mass with Bubbles at the cathedral in Baltimore. I wrote about it on the other blog, but the part you need to know about is:

...went to midnight mass at the Cathedral with Bubbles, lighting a novena, praying to Mary, St. Vincent de Paul and St. Thomas More for the three precious little lives inside of me.

I specifically prayed to St. Thomas More because I attended St. Thomas More Church when I lived in Rochester, and I attended St. John Fisher College. (John Fisher and Thomas More were both beheaded together, or in very close proximity of one another, by Henry VIII.)

So when Bubbles and I were lighting novenas and looking for the best saints to pray to, I was immediately drawn to Thomas More.

Nearly two year later, maybe now I know why.

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  1. YEAH!!!! I love it when God gives you a little forshadowing!!! :)