Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Some Baby Time

I visited with my friend Chris and her daughter Julianna the other day. I think it was the first time I spent that many solid hours not thinking about work. And even though we talked about adoption quite a bit, I didn't really think about it. It was just conversation between two girlfriends.

And exactly what I needed. With the exception of a long weekend here and there, I've not taken any substantial vacation since last year. And right after my last failed attempt in February, I jumped right into finishing all my paperwork.

I really haven't had any time for myself, just to enjoy being. No thinking about shots and hormone levels, no thinking about what meetings I have the next day and how I'm going to get everything off my desk, no thinking about how I'm going to pay for this, no thinking about the never-ending wait.

We walked, we shopped, we had yummy pizza. Julianna splashed in the fountain, and then after being with me and her mommy for several hours, she finally snuggled up on my lap, happy as can be. And I was happy to let her snuggle. I could have sat on that bench on afternoon with her in my lap.

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