Saturday, August 14, 2010

Holiday Season

Courts are closed for the rest of August and September for holiday. No progress for families waiting for court and travel dates.

The good news for me -- because I'm always trying to look at the positive, right -- is that most likely, my referral and travel and court dates will all be after the holiday season, so I shouldn't be effected by them. And if I am, it's a good thing, because then it means things happened sooner than I was expecting.

The weekly update is still saying 18-19 months for referrals for my age ranges. Still putting me at November 2011 -- 11/11 has a nice sound to it, no?

Most families waiting for a court date are waiting between 1 and 3 months after they have accepted their referral. And the estimated time between the two trips is 3-7 weeks.

So by my 42nd birthday we'll all be home? It's a nice thought.

1 comment:

  1. Another positive is you will be younger than I am when you start motherhood.
    :-) I would have loved to have been in my early 40s.