Monday, November 3, 2014

Over and Over and Over...

Day 1...over and over and over again. Sometimes it feels like I'm looking for the magic pill again, like I did through so much of my 20s and 30s (and teens and preteens)!

It's only 10 pounds. Ten pounds to get me where I need to be. 

So earlier this summer, I attempted the 21 day fix. 

I attempted a three day cleanse (nasty stuff). 

I've started and gotten sidetracked I can't even tell you how many times with the way I used to eat when I was going to the ladies gym and working with the trainers. When I was new in town, had no social life and could actually focus completely on me.

But I'm excited and modestly optimistic about the challenge presented to me by an Ithaca friend. So here I go with Arbonne and a 28-day clean eating challenge. First, there are nutritional components to it. There's a detox, but there's also protein, and it's very similar to the way I like to eat when I'm eating clean. I also like that it's really focused on one thing. I've got the exercise thing down -- I don't need a program for that. It's about the food.

It's always been about the food. That statement alone could be linked back to so many blog posts, I'll just leave it alone. I think many reading this can relate that one six-word sentence to their own emotions and issues.

I'm waiting for my package of products....nutritional supplements and protein. So until that arrives, I'll eat the way I was taught, the way I did for almost all of 2013. Today was a good day so far. It's getting to be the witching hour, that time when I'm almost ready to head home.

Tonight, I will work out when I get home and then am going over to a friend's house for pizza, wine and salad. Thankfully I don't like wine and I'm hoping against hope that I can really just stick to the salad and one small slice of pizza. I've planned and it will fit within my carb/fat/protein ratio and under my calorie goal.

I have three full weeks plus until thanksgiving. I want to be strong going into that holiday. So I'm motivated and there's no mindless eating. Lots of turkey, one spoon of sides and save a little piece of apple pie. And then a workout that night.

And then strength the next day at Jill's 40th birthday party. And then I can end the month strong, with momentum and can repeat my holidays in 2013, when I actually lost weight!

So while I wait for the UPS man to arrive with my latest attempt, I'll give myself a little jump start of clean eating, so that detox doesn't seem so abrupt.

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  1. I'll make sure there are plenty of veggies at the party, and I'll bring you water refills in-between your drinks. And let's face it...hopefully the DJ will have the floor bumping all night with tunes, so you can dance the calories away!!!! :-)