Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Just Money

I have received my final bills and once these are paid, I'm hoping that I can let go of the bitterness and move forward. Debbie's bill was nearly $4000 ($3736.06 to be exact). She drastically reduced her fees, with the final breakdown being:

  • $3208.30 legal fees, reduced to $1000
  • Office fees -- $183.80
  • Takisha's telephone -- $167.26
  • Childcare for Takisha's toddler -- $735
  • Groceries & basic necessities for three weeks -- $600
  • Counseling services -- $1000
It is a bitter pill to swallow. I don't spend $600 for three weeks on groceries and necessities for me. The counseling services were for the social worker, who at the hospital told me this was a "done deal."

And as I said before, it seems like quite the scam that Takisha was able to pull off. But I knew this could happen. I signed a contract, with sentences like "You understand there is no guarantee this adoption will succeed although my client has sincere and serious intentions to proceed with the adoption placement with you."

And it seems that Rebecca could not get the agency to lower their fees. I received an invoice for $650, which wouldn't have been awful had it not been accompanied by a letter that started with how sorry they were and ended with, "we would be happy to assist you in any way in the future."

That little statement at the end of the letter will cost them at least one pay period before I write this check. I will pay it. Again, because I knew going in that this could happen and that it would cost me.

When I first started this process, my mother asked me about this very situation happening. "But you'll lose money." Yes, but it's either that or not move forward.

Without risk, there is no reward.

And so, it's just money. And once I pay this last invoice, I can close this chapter and move forward.

Whatever that means and however that looks.


  1. I couldn't afford to spend that much on groceries or phone.. for three weeks... and daycare? I really think some of these fees should be due IF you end up with the child. Parents definitely have the right to change their mind, but why should others pay their expenses.

    I saw WHFC raised their fees. I thought this post was about that.

  2. While I am certain that it really and truly hurts to have to pay so much money for this - with no baby in exchange - you are right that it's just money. I say that all the time these days. Not that it's easy to come up with, but that's all it is in the end. I hope that you are able to find a tiny bit of closure when you make that last payment. It will be symbolic if nothing else.

  3. I don't know what to say, except that I'm sorry any of this happened. It's very unfair and must be difficult to handle. It sounds like you have a good attitude overall, but it still stinks.