Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

I've been hitting the gym full force in the past few weeks, increasing my running speed and in the process my endurance. I will be ready to stop sprinting this week and start going for distance and time.

I'm going to Baltimore for Opening Day! It makes baseball feel that much closer knowing that I already have tickets to a game this season.

Lent started this week, and my friends and I all decided that I'm too fragile to give up my "vices," the usual things I give up at Lent, namely chocolate and/or soda. So I've decided to do one random act of kindness every day. Giving someone the right of way at the stop sign or holding the door open and letting the person go in front of me -- just simple things, but sometimes it's the simple things that are the big things.

I've been keeping busy -- dinner with friends, sewing class, comedy festival, happy hour, and projects.

Speaking of projects, I started working on what I'm calling a "cookie exchange quilt." My friend Kim (from Ladies in Waiting Book Club) and I decided that we would each make 20 quilt blocks (10 different designs, two of each). I'll keep one set of 10 and send her the others; she'll do the same. We collaborated on the color palette and decided on a "sampler quilt."

I've been cutting out the material during our Friday craft hours at work and yesterday, sewed together four sets of blocks. the colors may be crazy but I'm excited to put together this quilt. It will have so much meaning behind it.

The Bad and the Ugly

I'll just lump this all together and be brief. Emotional eating has decided that it needs to be my friend this week. I'm hoping the gym will counter effect it.

And I'm no closer to making a decision about moving forward, so everything is still on hold. I'm not ready to give up, but I'm not ready to move forward.

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