Saturday, October 15, 2011


It rained all night, but this morning, there was a little blue sky. Even a little sun. It was about 50 degrees and overcast by race time. The goal going into the race was to run the first mile and beat 40:00.

I ran the first two miles, power walked the next 1/2 mile and then ran the final .6 -- for a time of 38:51!

Kait, me and my trainer Erika

My trainer stayed right with me, encouraging me, telling me when my breathing got too quick, keeping my pace, and when I wanted to start walking about about 1.25, she said no.

"Have you ever run two miles before? You're doing it today." And I did.

And she kept me motivated with promises of Panera afterward. "You keep running and you'll get that macaroni and cheese that much faster."

My legs were starting to get tired at the end and I wanted to walk. But there was another runner, going about the same pace as me, about 100 feet ahead. Erika challenged me yet again. "I'm not competitive but you will pass that girl up ahead before the finish line." That did it.

Doreen and me
And then as soon as I saw the finish line in the straight away and saw that not only was I going to be sub-40:00, but that I could be sub-39:00, I kicked it in for the last stretch. I didn't care about my breathing, I sprinted to the finish.

I got my macaroni and cheese. I took a hot shower and some ibuprofen. And overall, I feel pretty good tonight. My lungs feel a little asthmatic -- I don't know if oxygen has ever been that deep in my lungs before.

But more than anything I'm feeling very proud (and very proud of my friend Doreen for also running and finishing!), and I know that next time I do a 5K, I will run the entire thing.


  1. Way to go! I ran my first 5k last fall and after a year off, I'm signed up to do another next weekend (Race for the Cure). Like you, I have never really run before, and it's been fun to mark off the accomplishments as I get better and better! It's great to have a good cause to run for, too.

  2. Thanks for being proud of me!! I'm more proud of you and your awesome time. I'm shooting for your time in my next run!