Monday, October 17, 2011


I've been a little neglectful on updating, I know. I've got lots of things to update on and will spread them out rather than update on everything tonight and ignore you for the next three weeks.

On the domestic front...

My attorney has been in regular touch with me, and occasionally has potential birth mothers for me to consider. It always seems premature to post anything -- for the confidentiality factor but also because in each case so far, the birth mother has passed on me. But know that things are moving, even if there are no updates.

On the international front...

I'm still in limbo with Ethiopia. Officially I am 17 months on the wait list, with 5 to 11 to go, but I am waiting for an update on the estimated wait times in the coming weeks so I have no idea what that will mean. When I started this whole journey, when I thought about being as few as five months away, I would have been ecstatic. Right now so much.

I don't even have a good image that I could think of for this month. Seventeen magazine didn't seem like my style. So I'm going sans photo this month. I know I'll hit publish and then tonight, while I'm laying in bed something cool will come to mind.

And even as I'm sitting here and googling, I got nothing. So here I go...publish.

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