Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yesterday, I was in a meeting for a committee I serve on. I haven't seen another woman on the committee practically all summer -- either she has missed meetings or I have. When she came in, she was overly excited to see me.

"How are you? How's the baby?"

My stomach literally dropped. I couldn't even speak. Just looked back at her blankly.

"Aren't you just coming back from maternity leave?"

I shook my head. "No. That's Heather."

"Oh right," she laughed. And I tried not to cry.


  1. Ack. I really do feel for you. I haven't been in your shoes, but I can imagine how rough it is for you.

    Hang in there. Hopefully, you will have a baby in the not too distant future.. an Ethiopian baby. :-)

    I spent the entire day working on the playroom, kidproofing the house, cleaning my home office, and talking on the phone to my mother about us taking my kids to Sanibel Island and Disney World. I then realize OMG I hope this all works out for me, and I get kids (panicky thought). Since I don't feel like I need a baby, it is tough to keep passing up the cuties they add on the Horizon list.. I really am hoping for siblings, but I feel like I could be risking something huge by holding out for siblings. Isn't this wait fun?

  2. I should add I am still paranoid enough to rip the label off the two toy bins that arrived on Fed Ex before taking the empty boxes outside. sigh....

    I just don't want others to know until things are definite.. For me, that will be when I pull in the airport with two carseats and kids in the back. ;-)

  3. The wait is horrendous. Keep the faith. I have to believe that is going to work out, for both of us.

  4. Can ME apologizing for the stupidity and carelessness of others make you feel any better? :(

    -- Heather