Saturday, September 25, 2010

The $5 Dresser

I'd been looking at garage sales and used furniture stores for a dresser for the baby's room. I had something specific in mind -- short and wide so I can use the top as a changing table.

I was driving home from Syracuse a few weeks ago, going through Cortland when I saw it from the road. I turned around and went up for a closer look. It was shorter than I wanted it. And when I started to walk away, the woman said, "just make an offer."

I didn't think she'd take me seriously. "$5"


And so I got my $5 dresser. I took it to Virginia with me so my brother could help me with my first big handy-man project. It need lots of works, but was structurally sound.

I sanded it down and went to Home Depot to buy my paint -- Mickey's Gloves for the whole dresser. And Christopher Robin's Swing for the knobs. It's the color I plan on painting the baby's room walls. A color I've been been planning on using for three years. It's nice that I finally get to use it, even sparingly.

I painted the first knob and then held it up by the screw. "What do I do now?"

My brother, who was building an extension on his deck, laughed at me and came up with a solution.

I painted and painted. And finally put on the finishing touches of the drawers -- little stripes that frame each drawer.

It still needs a little work. My brother is going to reinforce the drawers with wood glue, and needs to drill in the bottom to add little feet which will make the dresser taller, so that it can be used as a changing table. All things that he will have finished for me when I'm back for Christmas.

But in the dresser.


  1. OMG! I am so impressed. That is adorable. You officially now cannot see anything I get my kids because I am NOT handy. You need to clone your brother or rent him out. That is amazing. It looks gorgeous.

  2. that is awesome :) im going to have to do some more craiglisting