Friday, September 17, 2010


months down...12 to 18 months to go.

So, maybe, if luck is on my side, I've got just a year to wait. Worst-case scenario, at this point, a year and a half.

The holidays are right around the corner and before I know it, it will be January. The weather will be miserable, I'll be wanting Valentines Day and all its horrors and annoyances to be over, and then I really will be under a year.

Nothing like wishing away the next five months, right?


  1. Just think of how much you've got left to do! That'll help the time go by.

  2. I hear you..... I feel like I am wishing my life away at times. Right now I am wishing the weekends away definitely. Today I hated to see 5 p.m. come. At least there aren't any three day holiday weekends that I know of coming up anytime soon.

    Yes, I hate winter. That is why I like to head for Florida at Thanksgiving. IF I don't have a referral, I am definitely heading in that direction. I had to laugh at Valentine's Day..another Hallmark holiday .....................

  3. Hang in there, it's crazy that Waiting gets so hard. We too are with WHFC, waiting 10 1/2 months for sibs 0-4. In international adoption you start marking time in very different ways... court closures, ...openings, Tuesday updates from WHFC and hearing about other's referral phone calls... Congrats on 4 months!