Monday, March 26, 2012

Another Update

Guess who is not moving forward with an adoption plan? Guess who says now that she has had him home for over a month, she cannot give him up?

Exactly. I had been second-guessing myself in walking away a couple weeks ago, but after speaking with Debbie today and learning that Takisha is not moving forward, I know I did the right thing. I can't imagine that after the four or five weeks the court stuff would have taken, she would have been able to relinquish him to me. And so it goes.

I told Debbie that I'm not ready to be proactive yet, but if she has a situation come up that is appropriate for me, I would be willing to hear it.

And I guess at some point, I will have to unpack from New Jersey. Right now, there are bags, diapers, stroller, car seat and bassinet in the middle of the floor in the second bedroom. Right where I dumped it all at the end of the January.

I try to keep the door closed, but Casey has other ideas. Every morning, I hear her push open the door (it doesn't latch tight) and go lay on the rug. Or I'll get home at night and the door will be open, alerting me to the fact that she has been in there while I was at work.


  1. Oh my goodnes is that room cute! Hang in there.

  2. I say leave it packed for optimism, knowing that you'll need to pack it again at some point. Saves you time the next time. :-)

  3. I know how you feel ,I've been there , it is HELL.
    But it comes a time when you have to say I need to live for me
    and know you have done everything possible and start to live
    your life for you. It has been a year and it still hurts.
    But I had to live with no regrets. I hope this helps you.