Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Opening Day!

I had a whirlwind trip to Baltimore, there for less than 48 hours. I did a little shopping, saw some of my favorite people, and oh yea, went to a baseball game!

With my BFF Lesley and my former "work husband" Johnnie Z. Do me a favor and watch this trailer for the sports documentary made by Barry Levinson -- it's all about John. Or the trailer for "Being Elmo," (right at the :30 mark) -- yup John Ziemann again. Johnnie Z is amazing, and I am so luck to have him in my life.

Yes, I'm smoking a cigar. It's an Opening Day tradition and one I was happy to pick up again, my first Opening Day since 2004.
Look at how perfectly green the grass is, how perfectly blue the sky is. It was such a great day for baseball!

I was hoping for a Matt Wieters t-shirt, but I was pretty happy with my retro, distressed cartoon bird.

When I first moved to Baltimore and saw a t-shirt with this fellow on it, I thought he was the "Mr. Pringle Guy." I was quickly corrected that he is Natty Boh, as in National Bohemian beer. I never made that mistake again.

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