Monday, March 12, 2012

No news is good news

I've had a couple friends check in and see that I haven't been on the blog lately. And yes, they were right, no news is good news. No drama, no trauma, nothing to report.

I've been keeping busy, trying to get my eating back on track. I treated myself to a facial, an 80-minute massage, and a mani-pedi yesterday. It was delightful. Today, we had the day off for spring break, and after Casey's six-month check-up at the vet (she's a very healthy, fat cat), I went down to the lake and started running again for distance.

It was tough, but I worked on my breathing, not really worrying about how fast I was going, just that I was running. I'm not back to my Forrest Gump endurance that I had last fall, but I felt good about running three minutes at a time. I worked mostly on my breathing pattern and getting that back. With nice weather expected all week, I'm hoping to get outside at least two more this week before traveling for work.

I received a lovely surprise package in the mail today (aren't those the best kind?!) from my friend Kim. So thoughtful -- and made my day!

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  1. I loved running down by the lake! You should check out the Twilight 5K! It has an awesome lakefront course, and it's an early season race IIRC, so it might be good timing as a tuneup for your big event later this year. :) xoxo