Sunday, July 3, 2011

Website Names

I've gotten lots of great suggestions, -- thank you to my smart, creative friends, far and near -- and I've got it narrowed down to the following (although still taking suggestions):

* familyof2
* mylittlerookie
* mymommyturn
* ababy2love

Any one of these jump out more than another? Other suggestions? I'm hoping to wrap this up in the next few days.


  1. I love my little rookie! It just sound super cute and different then the other sites out there. Have fun!!

  2. Definitely "my little rookie". The last one just seems wayyyyyyyy too common.

    The only thing that made me think twice about rookie is I thought, "Does she want a boy?" That may be sexist, but it crossed my mind. Still though it is unique, and after they read your background, it will be easy to remember you.

  3. I LOVE mylittlerookie, it is unique and personal to you, so much more meaningful that way :)