Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy New Year

I tend to think of the night before my birthday as the start of the new year. Less pressure than New Year's Eve. So here I am on the eve of turning 41.

I had a couple goals before this birthday. Some I made, some I didn't, and of course some are completely out of my control, but I wished for them anyway.

I had hoped to be able to hit 30 pounds by tomorrow. I'm close, but no such magic number on the scale.

I had hoped to feel closer to becoming a mom. And some days I do, as I take some matters into my own hands, but there are still some unknowns. Too many unknowns, but I am feeling more hours in the day are spent feeling positive than negative. That's a start, right.

I wanted to do 5 miles in under 65 minutes. I have come very close a few times. Last night, I smashed it. Five miles in under 63 minutes. (Yes, it looks like 3:00, but at the hour mark, it starts over on the treadmill.)

I am so ready for the 5K on May 1.

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