Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas Tree

I put my tree up tonight. My friend Jill came over -- we figured that this was probably our fourth year of celebrating her end-of-November birthday while putting up the tree.

Most years, my tree has mostly sports-themed ornaments on it, plus a few special homemade ones and Casey's ornaments (she gets one each year and I've marked the back with the year). Three years ago I added a silver "wish" ornament from Red Envelope -- you're supposed to write down your wish on a small slip of paper, put it in the ornament and not open it until the following year. Each year, Jill takes the paper out, throws it away and gives me a new slip. Each year, the wish hasn't come true. I think, I'm pushing it a little in writing my wish down for next year, but it's entirely possible that I could have a referral by the time we put the tree up next year. We'll see.

This year's tree (as it was last year) is mostly Yankees and baseball. There are a few exceptions. Casey's ornaments, one each year since I found her in 1998.... ornament for Johnny Unitas...

...but mostly Yankees, Babe...

...and lots of Derek.

It's a sickness, I know.

And Casey, enjoying her time on the tree skirt....and knocking over the wise men.

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  1. It reminds me I hope to get an Ethiopian nativity set ..if possible.

    Nice.. Another check for a person who prefers fake... I am trying to make the big decision and am so tempted to try real next year.