Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's the Little Things...

like a friend squeezing my arm as I walk by her in the hall, not saying anything,

or another sending an email on the 16th, congratulating me on my next month milestone that happens the next day,

or the high school friend who called me this morning for my Capital One account number so she could transfer 30,000 miles to my account,

or the colleague/friend who asked me if it made me sad when I found out other people were pregnant,

or the other high school friend who has so much conviction about what a great mom I'll be, she herself being a a child of color adopted by white parents,

These are the things that make up for those who maybe don't understand or know how to be happy about the biggest thing I am about to do in my life, these are the thing that will get me through the next year and a half.

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