Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My New Favorite Book...

"Mama," said Barley. "Tell me again how I'm your wish come true."

The all-knowing Amazon suggested this book to me last week, right after the Halloween party at work. I ordered it and thought nothing more of it. Today it arrived, and it was like it was written for me, at the exactly right time.

"I had an empty place in my heart that I wanted to fill with love for a special child like you. Someone who would be my cuddly little one, and I would be his Mama."


  1. Very cute book. I will read the description, but Amazon can be a very dangerous place for PAPs.

  2. Shoot, I was saving that book as a gift idea for you! Just wait til you actually read it to your little munchkin...I can still only get about 75% of the way through.

  3. Or HER Momma ;)
    -- Heather