Thursday, October 7, 2010


If your first name is common and your last name defines you, then what lies in the middle is the mystery of who you are, the secret of what lies within.

I've been thinking a lot about names, and what names to give my baby. I have a pretty good idea on first names -- one for either gender, both are named after authors for my love of books.

For the girl -- Harper (after Harper Lee). For the boy -- Cooper (after James Fenimore Cooper) And of course, Cooper has the added meaning for me and baseball.

The middle name(s) gets tricky.

I have two family names for each gender. And I would also like to incorporate the baby's Ethiopian name as one of the middle names. I guess I will just wait to see which family name works best with the African name.

For the girl -- either Laura (for the grandmother I was named for) or Amelia (my maternal grandmother's middle name)

For the boy -- Lincoln (again, my namesake grandmother, it was her maiden name) or Henry (my mother's uncle).

Of course, I have a very long time to wait. And in a year, I could hate all of those names. But right now, that's where my heart is with the future name of my baby.


  1. I think you were the one who posted the links awhile back to Ethiopian names. I saved the links. :-)

    Like you, I do waiver on names. At this point I am not sure if I will give them an American name I picked out for their middle name or give them an Ethiopian name I really want to use. We shall see.

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  3. My son is named after my dad, has the same middle name as my brother who passed away from leukemia when he was 10, and then his Ethiopian names. He has been able to say his own name (all 5 parts) since he was 2, but probably won't be able to spell it all until he's 7 or 8. And it BARELY fits on his social security card.

  4. Harper is my favorite girl's name, and I always thought I would name my child that. Of course, I'm not actually having kids... so I guess it's the name of my make-believe daughter. :) Cooper's a great one, too.