Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I have a confession to make. There are people in my family who are going to vote for Donald Trump. And I don't mean like the crazy uncle that I see once a decade, I mean siblings, cousins, maybe even nieces and nephews.

I've known this for months, but today it hit me in the pit of my stomach, you may have seen his recent comments about abortion and how to should be banned, and how women who get an abortion should receive some form of punishment. I was angry. Seeing red anger. I threw my phone in purse and left the office, went home and walked five miles to calm down (now granted, I had had a shitty afternoon with stupid people and stupid meetings and stupid deadlines not being met).

Some people have questioned my pro-life stance given I went through so much to try to have a baby. But I feel very strongly about a woman's right to choose -- to choose to end a pregnancy and to choose to start one using scientific methods. It's a slippery slope...take away abortion and suddenly there are sanctions and bans on assisted reproduction. 

I always feel angry when I hear politicians spouting on about banning abortion, but today's rant hit me especially hard. Because of the people in my family who actually support this man, I had a reminder of hurt feelings when I was going through my fertility process and many of these same people weren't supporting me, weren't inquiring as to how I was doing, all but ignored the elephant in the room that was infertility.

Truth: family can let you down.

I finally can take solace in the fact that there are people in my family who don't actually exercise their right to vote. So support this guy all you want with your Facebook posts and continue to stay home in November.

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