Monday, March 28, 2016

Accepting Referrals

how do you feel about love these days?

I saw this writing prompt on a website and it made me chuckle, because honestly I didn't know how I feel about love these days. So I thought about, I talked about it, I emailed friends about it, and here's where I am.

I'm still open to love. But I'm ok being single.

For now -- and I certainly may change my mind -- I'm done with dating sites. My time is too valuable to go on 30 first dates. And just as frustrating, my time is too valuable to invest in someone for six weeks of amazing to only get the fade away.

Do you know someone who might even moderately entertain me for dinner? Let me know. Do an email introduction or simply give him my number. I'm open to that, I'm game for that. It still may work out the same way, but this girl is only accepting referrals for dates.

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