Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy birthday to me (10 days later)

I typically think of my birthday as the start of a new year. Am usually so over the holidays that I don't post about resolutions or fresh starts. This year was different. Because things are so different from a year ago, from 11 months ago, I enjoyed the holidays a little more than I usually do. And I posted some New Years resolutions on December 31.

I'm running more and more. And bettering my time (and how long I'm running) with each 5K. My race in DC in two weeks should be the one where I run the whole thing.

I'm about seven pounds away from my second goal. It'll be tight but I should be able to hit that by June 1. At the very least within a few pounds.

I bought my house. And ground breaking should happen sometime in May.

And I have 280 miles logged so far for the year. Not quite at the pace I need to be for 1,000 in 12 months, but I have so much fun adding each week's mileage up and seeing where I am. I'm setting monthly goals and hitting or exceeding them. I think it's the over-achiever in me.

And so my birthday was just my birthday. One of my dearest friends came down from Ithaca. We visited the model home so she could see where I'm going to live. We got spa pedicures. We went shopping at Ikea (that will be very dangerous to have so close when I move). We went to dinner and we ate frozen yogurt.

It was truly the perfect birthday.

And nice to think of it as just a celebration and not the start of one more year of trying to do something out of my control.

So happy 40th (for the 4th time) to me.

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