Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Picnic Update

The picnic was great. I met so many families with kids of varying ages from Africa (and of course, other areas of the world), but was especially excited to meet the other (notice I said, thee other, not ANother) single woman. Her daughter is 16 months old, and she has been home for five months.

So cute and chubby and happy. And this woman was put together and seemed balanced in her life, and I thought, I really can do this. That will be me. We exchanged email addresses and hopefully can get together soon.

I want to hear all about her 19-month journey to Juliana. To keep me inspired and to give me hope.

And speaking of inspiration -- I have a book that has been sitting on my coffee table next to my baseball dictionary. I read some of it (the required chapters) when I was doing my online training as part of my application, and haven't really thought to pick it up again.

The other day my friend Kelly who has Jacob and is awaiting on Faith from Korea) posted to her blog about an article in this book, Adoption Parenting. This book that I have. That sits on my coffee table. And I thought, I really need to start reading. The next 14 (to 20) months will go by fast, and I need to be prepared.

That's what these months are about, right? And so, thanks to Kelly and her "being Jacob's mom" wisdom, I will start reading this book again.

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  1. I am glad you found that post helpful! I read parts of the book before Jacob came, but recently picked it up again. It has a whole new meaning once your child is home. I found another GREAT book - ordered it off of Amazon. It is called Adoption Parenting: Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections (edited by Jean MacLeod and Sheena Macrae). I can't wait to read it. Our pediatrician gave us several articles from it and they were great. Another tip...if you are able to find a pediatrician in your area who specializes in international adoption, it is really helpful.