Saturday, March 16, 2013



Pink makes me happy.

I wasn't a pink little girl. I was a tomboy.

A never-wear-skirts-or-dresses, Yankees hat wearing tomboy. On the rare occasions I had to wear a dress, I wore shorts underneath.

Slowly in my teens, when I discovered boys as more than buddies, I slowly discovered pink.

In my 20s, pink started to enter my life.

In my early 30s, pink became my accessory.

In my late 30s, it became my attitude.

And now, in my 40s, it is my signature.

"I believe in pink," Audrey Hepburn famously said. "I believe that happiest girls are the prettiest girls."

NOT pretty girls are happy.

But happy girls are pretty.

That's what pink does to me. It makes me happy. And then, in turn, it makes me pretty.

I, like Audrey, believe in pink.

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