Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here's Hoping that Karma is Truly a Bitch

I received an email to my "adoption" account the other day. I got excited, as you would expect me to. Clearly this woman went to my website or saw my Facebook ad, read about me, and wanted to know more about me to see if I would be the one to raise her baby.

And then, after a quick read through and a deep breath, I read it again. And it just didn't sound genuine. It sounded like those emails you get from the middle eastern princess who has billions of dollars but no access to it until you help them.

She said she was from Mexico and that her English wasn't very good.

She clarified that this was not a donation or sale of any kind. And then in the next sentence, listed what she would need from me in order to make this work. "We would require: Support with a place to stay near the interested couple so they are aware of any situation, psychological help for this important transition, payment of doctor’s appointments, hospital and all related to heath care and; finally, food and clothing."

I forwarded it to my attorney who promptly replied. "She writes in English better than I do. It's a scam. Do not reply."

And while my gut told me this was a scam, it was still disappointing. There was that moment when I saw the email, that moment even after I read it and knew it wasn't real, that my heart was still hopeful.

I know there are evil people in the world, people who take advantage of other people. Who scam people out of life's savings. This is not my savings, but this is my life. This is my dream, and how dare these people fuck with my dream.

I truly hope Karma is a bitch, and a smart bitch at that, and really sticks it to them.


  1. That truly sucks. It's sad that we live in a world where people try to capitalize on EVERYTHING.

  2. Just keep focused there are many good birth moms out there and it will happen for you. This seems to be a big topic right now Just read story about a scam here
    Just go with your gut!