Saturday, May 7, 2011

Raffle Update and Final Push

I am in the home stretch of the year-long raffle. Only two drawings left -- Cal Ripken/Eddie Murray signed photo this moth, Derek Jeter signed photo next month.

My goal going into the raffle was to raise $5,000. It seemed more than possible. Good prizes, a strong network of friends and family.

Five thousand may seem like expecting a lot, or in the grand scheme of spending $35,000+ to have a baby, it's just a drop in the bucket. Either way, with just two drawings left, I am well within reach, closing in on $3,400 this weekend.

The raffle has been fun, and also excruciatingly hard. It's hard to ask for help. As I've said before, I'm the person who would organize this for someone else. To ask for help for myself is so out of character for me. It was -- and continues to be -- a humbling experience.

I want to reach my goal. And with that, I need your help. To all who have bought a raffle ticket, ask your friends, spread the word. To those who haven't, please consider skipping the cup of Starbucks coffee and buying one ticket.

In a perfect world, I would have carried my baby to full term and would now have 20-month-old. In a perfect world, 13-year-old girls wouldn't be able to have babies, while 40-year-old women could.

This is not a perfect world. This is a world where my body is broken. This is a world where the woman at Kohl's wished me a "happy Mother's Day" this morning and I burst into tears. This is a world where it will cost me tens of thousands of dollars to have a baby.

And so help me make my world a little more perfect.

Buy a ticket. Sell a ticket.

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