Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you, Ladies

My friend Claudia, who is making this whole asking for help so much easier. She's a champ with her pep talks, that's for sure.

And is really excited about coming up with different ways to help. Her latest?

She's selling farm-fresh eggs, from her six chickens, at work and putting a portion of the money collected towards the adoption.

I have a special fondness for the chickens, and not just because they are also doing their part to help with the adoption fund, but because I got to name one.

Claudia is my Red Sox friend; I, of course, am a Yankees fan. And so when I got to name one of the chickens, I chose the name of the greatest player to don both uniforms -- Ruthie.

And so as they lay their eggs to be sold at work, I say as their chicken dad says, "thank you, ladies."

And thank you, Claudia.


  1. Being friends with a Red Sox fan was a very difficult thing for me. Thankfully Claudia is so awesome that you can somehow overlook her poor choices. :)

  2. But you forgot to answer the important question ... will they come in a carton? ;)
    -- Heather