Friday, March 12, 2010

No More Dual Tracking

I filled out my application for the international agency, along with a $1600 check. I suddenly feel like this is what I'm supposed to do. I haven't thought about the failed attempts, just looking forward.

Of course, I didn't get there on my own. I had to call Buffalo Dave yesterday to find out my balance in one of my retirement accounts. And when I told him, I guess I didn't sound very excited about it. He was. And then asked what was up. When I told him I was still sad about not being able to get pregnant, he said, "you know how when you're reading a really good book? And you can't wait to read the next page? You're not thinking about the page you just read, but what's about to come."

It was pretty profound for him. And pretty quick. And I appreciated his little story. Of course the best part of the story -- best for my ego anyway -- was when he told me that he would buy me a "MILF on Board" bumper sticker. I told him I would hold him to it.

I came home last night and finished filling out and signing a stack of paperwork. This morning I copied it all, wrote out a check, and put it all in an envelope. Tomorrow I will go to the post office in the course of my errands and mail it out.

It's hard to think that it won't be until at least this time next year before anything happens, but I can use the next 12 months to work on me, to get me (mind and body) back to where I need to be.

And so the next steps are...

* application, part 1 ($1600) will get mailed tomorrow
* I need to do a 10-hour, online training session for my home study to be complete
* once the home study is complete, I can mail it and my immigration forms (along with $750) to Homeland Security
* and then application, part 2, along with $1500

I'm not even looking past that. One step at a time. When I go to Baltimore next month for my birthday, Bubbles and I will put a plan in place for some sort of fund-raiser (stay tuned, faithful readers). It will most likely be a raffle -- I have lots of signed sports memorabilia and get my hands on more, thanks to my friends in my previous life.

I told my "gym boyfriend" tonight that after spring break he gets the old Laurie back, hardcore Laurie. That will go to working on getting me back to me (mind & body).

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